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This is Srinath Mohan, a 17-year-old entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of GroWithKaizen. We have started with a new plan "minors can earn more than majors". This era is going to give all those talented minors opportunities to gain experience, gain knowledge, and mainly gain money. Kaizen right now is opening up in many different industries. So the people whoever is working under Kaizen are below 18 years. I am already a millionaire at the age of 17. So my goal is to make my team members and those minors to be the next millionaires. The idea is going to change the world and start a new era.

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I became a millionaire because of determination, the right plan, hunger for knowledge, Hardwork and obviously getting the right platform. So we are creating a platform for all those students across the globe who have the potential and hunger to gain knowledge, a lot of experience, and earn at a very young age. We will be providing them with huge opportunities, like working for international companies, hire them as interns and freelancers. Therefore, we welcome all the students to join our community and become the next millionaire!

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All the students from our community in the next 6 months will be having loads of knowledge, 10x the experience, and humongous opportunities. Our Kaizen Student Community assures your success with determination and the hunger to conquer!

Why our mentorship

More than 20 students have been trained under our mentorship and in the past 2-3 weeks, all these students are very happy and are working in a successful company and earning on the basis of their hard work, if you want to be amongst those 20 students who have worked hard, had the determination and hunger to achieve, sign up with us and become one amongst them & that is the reason why you choose our mentorship because, with the right plan and right mentor, you can become the next youngest millionaire.

Colleagues at Work

What Our Community Says

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Hiten Patil

Graphic Designer

The Students community is a brilliant idea to teach and mentor the enriching students who have interest but no such platform,I was taught and mentored here and I just loved the procedure,I've worked with big international companies and the experience was just wonderful,if you can work hard and have the hunger,you'll go with loads of experience and money


Dhruv Shetye

Lead Generator

I am in this community from the past 2 months now and it has been so enriching to have someone mentor you the way this student community does,it's been so great to be here,I wanted to get mastered in the field of leads and they have developed my skills a lot. The journey has been amazing and I'm surely going to invest more time of mine in this because the results are just amazing

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Vansh Tandel

Sales Head

I am being mentored under this community for about 4 months now and the experience has just been fabulous, the mentors have a lot of knowledge and they guided me well, I was trained for lead generation and I can confidently say that I now have a lot of knowledge and I also earned a fair bit of money, I would suggest all the young students to get in the students community if they want to utilise their time and become experianced


Smridhi Sharma

Lead Generator

The kaizen students community has helped me to improve my perspective towards designs and ideas for a website. The Mentorship has been there to teach us throughout the day. He has been very supportive of the students , for him everyone's opinion on the minute details are of great value and takes into accounts the ideas we present to him. The students in the community have also been very supportive as they want the betterment of each other rather than having a cold wars for being the best. Overall I would recommend everyone who is willing to learn should join this community, as it is the best platforms to gain and impliment knowledge.


Abbas Tinwala

Social Media Speacilist

I started my career as a complete lost person who had no definite career target, but the students community helped me to focus on social media handling and after these 3-4 weeks,I've become the social media specialist and they've provided me with a lot over the time,the experience they provide,the mentorship which is available is fantastic,I would want all the students who have the potential shouldn't miss this amazing opportunity

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Adnan Ghudekar


So I always wanted to be a model since I was a 12 year old kid, I loved to pose from a young age but never had the confidence to do it on a big stage,I found this community and they've made me a genius,I've been mentored to be the best,they have a lot of knowledge and also they exactly know how to guide you. Just because of them I've been attending many competitions and I've got the confidence which was needed. I'd thank The Kaizen Student Community to transform myself into a model


Shrishti Jhunjhunwala

Lead Converter

I was really enriching i hardly knew about digital marketing and i got to know about so many things and its such a great initiative what you are providing for hiring teenagers and giving them opportunities to prove themselves and establish themselves and it was great to contact companies and see the other side of the world which is beyond studies and games and it really Widened my horizons and it was really inspiring too see how people of your age our accomplishing things and I would suggest all the students having the hunger to conquer should enrol in the students community


Garv Gupta

Sales Executive

My experience with the Kaizen Student community has been amazing i have learned so many new things in this past month and particularly they trained me for lead generation and due to the that training,I'm working in a company as a Lead Generator and I'd suggest all the young talents to enroll in this community

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Shubham Choramale


I had joined the students community 3 weeks ago and I cannot explain how lucky I am to know about this,I learnt video editing and got mentored by the best. After 2 weeks of mentorship, I had got an opportunity to edit a video for a medium scaled company and earned quite a money, if I could do it, even the other guys who have the potential can,all you need is hard work and focus,so join the students community as soon as possible


Jeeya Tayare

Content Creator

I have been a part of kaizen’s student community for the previous 3 weeks. It has honestly been an understanding experience. I learned under the section of content creation. Even though I could write properly before, it was not precise enough, or it didn’t just sound perfect enough. Being a part of this community has definitely encouraged me to work out on my skills, reliable enough for me to work under a legitimate business at such a new age. Even though it might reflect like an exaggeration, you yourself will realize what I Am talking about if you give it a shot.


Pranay Batta

Sales Executive

I loved absolutely everything about the Kaizen student community! It offers a wide variety of premium quality courses which are made available in very low prices. Srinath, the founder of the community make sures that every student is getting what they need and is satisfied with what the courses provide. The passion transforms into pure excellence in his job. People are very friendly and it is a very home like feeling to study there and it is as if we belong there. All in all it has been an amazing experience and I look forward to learn more and more from Kaizen student community.

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Om Choramale

Website Designer

Hey everyone,this is Om Choramale and I was trained for website designing and because of thee right guidance and training, i made a website for a big corporate company which turned out to be successful, just hard work and determination can make you successful and make you earn some money, so i'd suggest you to not waste time and quickly enrol yourself in The Kaizen Students Community


Dhruv Choudary

Software Developer

My experience in kaizen student community is been great.I have gained a lot of experience in market and has gained a good grip on coding through projects that they gave me. This community is a plus point as it gives the real experience while learning. Because of the projects that they gave me I have learnt much more than before and as a programmer learnt to research a lot which helps a lot in programming


Fawaz Pakkir

Social Media Speacilist

I am really having a productive time in this Community. Something I really appreciate about this community is that, it gives fabulous opportunities to the youngsters to get an insight on Digital Marketing and provides a platform to build your own skills. I got mentored for around one month and the  experience was amazing. I was trained for SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT and by now I can assure that I can give my best in this field. Not only it focuses on the main subject but improvise your Personality.

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Social Media Specialist at GroWithKaizen


Dhruv Chaoudhary

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Web Designer and Developer At GroWithKaizen


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